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Lofts; you know, those large abandon warehouse buildings where you convert the entire floor to a living space? That type of apartment you always wanted in your early 20s? They do exist and are quite affordable.LA lofts are the talk of the town and downtown Los Angeles provides quite a selection.From upscale conversions and studio spaces to upper open areas ready for your creativity LA offers a style for just about everyone.“Loft-style” apartments may also refer to developments where a street-level business occupies the first floor while apartments are converted above or even below the main floor. Among these LA lofts are buildings such as the Barker Block Lofts, Douglas Building Lofts, Rowan Lofts and the Bartlett Building Lofts.Many of these house retail shops on the main floor with many apartments and units above and extending to the roof. Downtown LA is undergoing a convergence of discerning tastes and rustic artist spaces. There are many loft style buildings like the Biscuit Company Lofts, Textile Building Lofts, Toy Factory Lofts and the Toy Warehouse Lofts. These lofts in downtown LA are perfect for the downtown city worker, industry leader or office employee.With the addition of several modes of transportation you can easily get around and out of downtown if you need to.Step into extravagant with downtown living at the Little Tokyo Lofts, Market Lofts, Mercantile Lofts, Molino Street Lofts, Pan American Lofts, and Sky Lofts or eclectic whimsy at the Evo with surprisingly affordable lofts starting at just $130,000.LA lofts to rent are also in high demand and rents can start around $2,000 per month. Downtown LA is full of distinct and unique lofts to choose from.Among these buildings are the stylish Elleven, Emil Brown Lofts, Flower Street Lofts, Gallery Lofts LA, Grand Lofts, Higgins Building Lofts, Library Court Lofts, Roosevelt Lofts, and Shybary Lofts. Start your online search here for LA Lofts for sale and to rent.This exciting lifestyle is just waiting for you. Your Downtown LA Loft Professionals We want to offer you every listing in the L.A. area for lofts and current active properties.Contact us directly at: 877-921-0111 for updates on any listings and lofts in Los Angeles.We can offer private tours of any Condo in the LA area regardless of the listing agent.Find out how affordable condos in L.A. can be.We look forward to talking to you soon.