Whether you are buying or selling finding homes everyone likes that are timeless is essential. Buying a home with resale value means that not only are you buying for you, now but, you are buying for a good resell value in the future. There are different home renovations, remodels and trends that seem to never go out of style regardless of the year.

Here are four home renovations that are timeless.

#1. Smart homes.

Smart homes doesn't necessarily mean technology but a wave of practical and logical advances that make living in the home more economical, convenient, and all around a better energy source. This could mean a home theater, energy Star appliances or next-generation equipment and smart devices. Smart homes never go out of style and important to keep up with the trends if you want to compete with millennial's and other competitive homes out there.

#2. Sustainable homes.

Nobody wants to replace things five years after it's been installed so it's important to choose sustainable products and materials including attic insulation, solar screens, and other materials that offer potential long-term saving costs and energy-efficient.

#3. Low maintenance and landscaping.

This is not to say no landscaping. Exterior improvements and landscaping projects are one of the most common for those seeking to increase the marketing value of their property. Curb appeal is huge and whether you are enjoying the space yourself or planning to resell your property, curb appeal and landscaping never goes out of style.

#4. Hardwood flooring.

Durable hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Homes that had hardwood flooring 100 years ago are now being restored to their previous glory. Wall-to-wall carpet is not as durable and will usually need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, but hardwood flooring maintains its integrity and usually just needs a good buffing and shine to bring back it's luster.

If you're looking at a home with these items or looking to improve your home for sale give us a call. We can offer tips and suggestions as well as advice on finding the home that meets all of your search criteria throughout San Diego.