In downtown Los Angeles there are many people raising families and those with small children so it's important to add kids onto the docket when it comes to finding a condominium or townhouse that suits the entire family. Just a few years ago nearly 30% of families with children lived in mid-and high-rise buildings across the US. However, the recent explosion of condominiums hasn't been so friendly to children. In 2015, more than 80% of new dwelling units were built higher than five stories but most of them were bachelor or one bedroom units. Most of which were too small for a family to live in. But now, developers are starting to make a little bit larger condominiums but the price is also reflecting in this larger square footage as well.

Major cities across the country have developed different studies talking about guidelines for developing high-rise communities that are family-friendly. These guidelines cover neighborhoods, buildings and individual high-rise units offering a consultation process recognizing that many families that live in vertical communities rely on city parks and open spaces as their outdoor living rooms. Many developers are providing consideration for integrating community services and facilities into the developments such as childcare facilities, daycare options, and even preschools.

This study, conducted by the city of Toronto, recommends the buildings provide a minimum of 25% of large units that have 20% or more and that these units be located in the lower portions of the buildings, which tend to be more family-friendly. Some current condo buildings don't even allow strollers to enter via the front lobby so this can be a huge problem in developers are looking into these issues to provide a better facility for families and those with small children.

Hallways are designed to be like indoor streets with natural light, which encourages people to stop and talk to each other. Appropriately sized bedrooms and the size of the unit in general, are important to families and square footage of at least 1000 ft.² for a two bedroom and 1400 ft.² for 3 to 4 bedroom is the minimum size for optimal livability.

If you have a family and you're moving to Los Angeles and you'd like the space that is kid friendly and family-friendly in general, contact our office. We can talk to you about your needs, wants, and desires to find the best complex or building for your budget and your family.