It's another in our series about ask a Realtor®. I often get called with a question like this: "can I see this condo right now? I don't know the address or where it is but I'd like to see it". I've had multiple people call me while they are sitting in front of the building were complex and want to view one of the listings there but they really have no idea how to identify it. Many people try to identify the complex or the building by the color or what's around the building but it's extremely difficult unless there is an address or some type of identifying markers on the building.

Now, I understand that a lot of San Diego condo buildings do not actually have their name out front, but most of them do have the address number. If you can give as much information as possible about the condominium, I can do the research needed to offer an answer if possible. If you can tell me the street that you are on, the complex name or the street number, I can do my research right on-site. If not, you can certainly GPS or location from the phone that you're probably talking on to identify where you are in the city and have me meet you there.

If it's not something that needs to be seen right at this moment, I can write out as much information as possible and then we can meet somewhere we both know and travel to the location together.

I know this can be difficult but I've had people call me telling me they'd like to see the house with the pink rosebush out front or a house that has a green van sitting in the driveway. These identifying markers are just not enough to pinpoint where the property actually is.

I'd love to help you find the right home and drive-bys are often one of the best ways to find a home you love, because it means that you have driven by the property and you like the neighborhood or area. When you call, make sure you give me as much legal identification as possible such as the street address or the streets you are on or cross streets.