I love answering different questions that come up in the real estate world because you just never know what someone is going to ask you. This is great fodder for real estate blogs because if one person asked it, there must be other people that if the same thing. One of the most recent questions when showing the buyer a condominium in San Diego was the likelihood of a criminal break-in.

Now, it all depends on where the condo building is and how much security it has. Obviously, there are safer places than others around San Diego County but, as a real estate agent, it is my ethical duty not to steer a client one way or the other. I can't say, well, this area is a little safer than that area over there. I can urge my clients to do their own due diligence and research and find out the criminal activity in the area but, I can inform them of the security measures a particular complex or building will take.

As far as how likely a building is to be broken into, it's not something most Realtors will know. The general crime rate for the area is public record but it's not like I'm going to say, well, there's a 50% chance your condo is going to be broken into. That's just not something I'm going to know. But, there are many precautions for a lot of the condo buildings around San Diego. Many have guard gated entrances for parking lots or underground parking garages, many have lobbies with attendance and concierge services, and many have key coded elevator so that no one can get up the elevator unless they have the proper clearance.

If you are concerned about the crime rates for a particular building it's important to ask the concierge, lobby attendant or security guard on staff. They should be able to answer questions and ease your mind about the amount of security a building has. Of course, if there are no security measures, you probably can guess that the building has a higher chance of criminal interference.
For information on secure buildings throughout San Diego or to answer any of your real estate questions please contact me at any time.