If you're planning on buying a condominium in downtown Los Angeles there are some questions you probably have about the building, the community and the neighborhood. But, an unusual question I often get asked is "will we like the neighbors"?

Of course, this sounds like a silly question but you might be surprised as to how many buyers honestly think that the real estate agent knows everyone in the building. Now, I will preface this by saying that our real estate agents are proficient in downtown Los Angeles condominium buildings and specifically those along Wilshire Boulevard and Wilshire Corridor but, just because we know the buildings, the amenities, price ranges and the units for sale, doesn't mean that we know everyone that lives in all of these buildings.

You might like people in the building that the previous owner didn't or vice versa, you might be one of the best things that have ever happened to this building.

I remember helping a homebuyer move into a new building and every time we went in and out of the complex, homeowners throughout the complex would say, "are you the new owner?" Because they were so excited to have someone else move into the building rather than the previous homeowner. Apparently, the previous condo owner was so nasty and mean, that anyone would have been better than the previous owner.

But, it's almost impossible to say if you will like your new neighbors. The best way to go about it before closing on the condo is to knock on people's doors, browse the community, and simply ask. People love to gossip and talk so the more you can get your neighbors to talk about other neighbors, the more you might have an idea about the people that live in the community or the complex.

Yes, it's almost impossible for us to tell you if you're going to like your new neighbors, but doing a little bit of research on your part is one of the best ways. Also, it's important to note that as your real estate agent I cannot legally ask about the neighborhood or the neighbors because there are equal housing laws and rules that protect the people in your complex. But, there are no rules about you, as the buyer, finding out as much as you can about the complex before moving in.