I've heard of a lot of unique incentives and tactics that real estate agents and brokers go to in order to sell a house but this may take the cake. And, it's kind of brilliant as well. One of our local brokers decided to sell a house on Pinto Place, not the prettiest of names. So, when the real estate agent wanted to sell the house, he decided to petition to change the name. Our homes sold last year for $4.5 million on Pinto Place. The real estate broker also owns a home on this road as well and because of the high price of properties in this area, "Pinto Place" didn't sound the luxurious.

So, the agent got to work changing the name with petition writers and lawyers. It took about a year and several thousand dollars to approve the change to Hummingbird Way. The real estate agent feels this is a much more desirable "bird" name then Pinto. Having a beautiful street name can really make all the difference in the world. Imagine buying a $20 million luxury home on Pinto Place or Hummingbird Way? The name really can make all the difference in the world.

While the name may not of changed on Google maps just yet, it is officially the new name of this small cul-de-sac just off of rising Glen Road, north of Sunset strip. The area is even called "The Bird Streets" neighborhood because of all the different names of birds for roads in this area. But, Pinto just didn't seem that exciting or luxurious, especially when you're selling a 10 million-dollar luxury home. [source]