Downtown condominiums have seen numerous problems over the years, especially as more and more people moving to the city. One of the biggest issues is where to park. Even if you have your own parking space, where do your friends Park? Companies such as Uber and Lyft have taken the guesswork out of a taxi ride and have provided a lot less expensive means of travel around large cities. Uber Eats also provides a great way to get any type of food delivered to your home as long as you provide the transportation from one of the drivers. But, the new Truemark Urban condominium building TEN50 is changing the way things get delivered to your condominium. Located at 1050 South Grand Ave. in downtown, this building will feature among many of its amenities a landing pad for packages being delivered by drone. This is one of the first landing pads of its kind in any building across the US.

Drone deliveries are not so futuristic as they are becoming very popular in downtown, high metro areas. Amazon just received an approval to test their drone delivery methods throughout the US. It took quite a while for the FAA to give them the approval and because it took so long, the drone originally approved is now obsolete. According to Forbes, some start up companies in San Francisco promises to drop off prescriptions and sundries via drones to residents in the Mission district.
TEN50 will be one of the newest and most modern condominium buildings in downtown offering over 150, one and two bedroom luxury units on 25 floors. In addition to its drone landing pad, other amenities include a lounge, swimming pool with cabana area, spa and fitness center, yoga garden, and media room. This building is currently selling out.p>

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