Los Angeles's Brentwood neighborhood has been known as one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles except when it comes to our earthquake fault lines. New maps show the fault lines run through some of the most expensive real estate markets in Los Angeles including the Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Century City, Westwood and of course, Brentwood. These new maps were part of a recent effort to keep new buildings from being constructed on fault lines. If lawmakers approve them, it could severely restrict development in these cities.

Should the maps get the go-ahead, state law would require developers to hire a geologist to investigate whether construction will occur on an actual fault line. Local building officials will have the final authority on these buildings and if they're far enough away from the faults. But all of this rhetoric, even though trying to keep people safe, could backfire when it comes to more development.

Tim Dawson, the senior engineering geologist for California urges people not to build on fault lines. If the ground moves a building on a fault line can completely collapse.

We are constantly mapping these fault lines to key people as safe as possible. A city such as Santa Monica and West Hollywood have passed certain laws requiring property owners to retrofit certain types of buildings prone to experiencing major earthquake damage.

If you're concerned about your condo building being on a fault line in any of these cities contact our office. We'd be happy to do the research for you and if necessary, find somewhere more safe for you to live. [Source]

Image by https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chuetsu_earthquake-earthquake_liquefaction1.jpg