People that live in Los Angeles no food and they know good food and they're not about to give anyone a raving review if it wasn't true. The closer you get to these major cities the more strict in the more critical residents get but this new café, the Green Table Café, is one of the hottest new restaurants in downtown.

Currently it's sporting a five-star review out of 44 reviews on yelp. It touts itself as a vegan or vegetarian restaurant perfect for custom juices and smoothies. Many people say you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy the awesomeness that is the Green Table Café. Believe it or not out of those 44 reviews I only found three that were less than a five-star review. (You know there's always that one person that can never leave a full five-star review or a full one star review, there's always somewhere in the middle.) And even then they were still a three and a four star review.

So what type of food do you get in and all vegan restaurant? Well, for starters it's all 100% organic. It's vegan, fresh, and local and claims to be a plant-based Italian Café. Just going through their menu and looking at the pictures on yelp makes me want to drop everything and run over there right now. Their fantastic juices and smoothies are sure to fill you up for a good breakfast specially with their elixir shots or add-ins such as flaxseed, bee pollen, and chia seeds. They have organic espresso drinks but some of my favorites are the salads and super Bowls.
These super Bowls have things like bananas, taco protein, bee pollen, almond butter, maple syrup, hemp milk all blended with fresh banana, hemp seeds and maple syrup. The bull start with their French vanilla almond granola and you can even get gluten-free granola or sugar-free granola as well.

They have burgers and pressed Panini's such as the spinach artichoke melt with vegan sausage, marinated artichoke hearts, vegan cream cheese, spinach, garlic and olive oil on a butter garlic toast. Their signature burger is their own falafel patty, breaded zucchini, roasted bell pepper, sun-dried tomato, vegan mayonnaise, mixed greens and Italian spice all on a toasted bun.

To gild the lily they even have their own vegan desserts which are sometimes raw, gluten-free, dairy free and all guilt free as they claim. Just enjoy one of their almond date truffles filled with a pitted organic date, almond butter and fresh breaded almonds.

So, you have to check out the new Green Table Café located at 5998 West Pico Blvd. in LA. They're open Monday to Friday from 7 AM until 7 PM and on Saturdays and Sundays until 8 PM.