If you're planning on selling your condominium you might be wondering how to get the very most from the sale of the condo? There are ways to increase your condos value but some things are unavoidable such as the location you're in and the building in which your unit is located.
If you plan on selling your Los Angeles condo this year you are some simple ways you can increase the value.

Make sure that the building is Federal housing administration approved. If your home or condominium is FHA approved you have more chances of getting a buyer with an FHA loan. If the building is not approved you are limited to cash buyers and conventional loans or maybe VA loans. This limits how many buyers you can actually have that you purchase your home. Talk to your homeowners association about getting FHA approved and what you need to do as a homeowner to get everyone involved.

Make sure people have access to the property. If your home is difficult to get to, do you need multiple codes or access numbers to get to the property, it can deter a lot of potential buyers and even their agents. Easy to get your property by letting your listing agent provide easy access, codes and accessibility numbers as well as offering reasonable times for showing your property and being flexible to leave when the buyer wants to come visit.

On the inside. The kitchen is one of the most important things the buyer will look at. If it is upgraded, contemporary, modern, clean, and convenient, buyers are much more attractive to the unit as a whole. Do you have updated appliances? New countertops or cabinets? Is it clean, neat, and organized? I the fixtures and hardware up-to-date? The second is bathrooms. Also up-to-date? Create a beautiful environment in each bathroom so that it looks more like a spa retreat than a room with a toilet. Make each room sparkle by having it professionally cleaned, keeping it clean, and creating environments the buyers want to linger and stay in. Bedrooms should be relaxing and comforting; living rooms should even look a sense of family, connection and relaxation, the entryway should be warm and inviting.

Does the building amenities stay up to par? If the pool has not been cleaned and several months later there are broken machines in the weight room or fitness room, it's time to talk to your condo association about getting these things fixed. Buyers are not going to want to pay for homeowners dues on amenities they cannot be used.

Selling a condominium is more work than a single-family house as you have to work with your Association and maybe other condo owners so that the entire building is more attractive to buyers. If you're planning on selling your condo in the near future give us a call. Our agents specialize in condominiums both buying and selling. We can help you plan, prepare and list your condo so that you are closing with the most profit possible.