Nordstrom's is partnering with Amazon to open a new location in West Hollywood. This new location will be smaller and won't sell clothes. It opens on October 3 and is smaller than typical Nordstrom locations.

This Nordstrom's, called Nordstrom local, will be able to sell manicures, on-site tailoring and Amazon devices. The retail giant, headquartered in Seattle, is experimenting with smaller stores, smaller footprints, and different products. Customers want to be empowered to shop and because they are losing so many to online shop such as Amazon, they are experimenting with a completely different concept. This 3000 ft.² retail outlet is far smaller than the normal 140,000 ft.² typical Nordstrom's retail stores. This store will contain eight dressing rooms even though the store will not have any clothes. Instead, personal stylists will retrieve goods from the nine Nordstrom's locations around Los Angeles and then stylists can pull together looks for shoppers through a style board. Shopping doesn't always mean going to the store and trying on outfits. They are trying a different approach combining online stores and in person shopping.
This Nordstrom will also offer wine, beer, coffee, or juice from an in-store bar. Customers can place orders at and pick up the product later that day. Customers will also be able to return items at the store that they purchased online or from other Nordstrom locations. Tailors will be on site for alterations or to help members of the Trunk Club, an online clothing service acquired in 2014 for custom-made outfits and garments.

Generally speaking, the traditional retail store has not changed over the years so Nordstrom is trying to up their game and still be the go to outlet for clothes and custom alterations.
Image from Flickr