In a recent article by The Real Deal, Redondo Beach officials have put a temporary ban on mixed-use developments. This is a result of the growing opposition to these large-scale products within the city limits. This ban could be extended up to two years.

The City Council unanimously voted to approve a 45-day moratorium on any new mixed-use projects. This has an option to extend the band following a vote on September 19.

The mayor feels that there are too many signs of overdevelopment and this could change the character of the neighborhood. There's no housing shortage in Redondo Beach and the crisis is really a traffic issue, not a housing issue. If they continue with too much residential, though have school overcrowding as well.

This does not include projects that have already been approved such as the pending makeover of the South Bay Galleria. Developer Forest City has already submitted plans for 300 housing units, 1,000,000 ft.² of retail space and a 150 room hotel.

These bans have been considered since 2015 after criticism over projects on the Pacific Coast Highway. City leaders decided to hold off on the discussion until they came up with more of a general plan of moving forward. Now with an advisory committee overhauling this plan, it could possibly rezone certain areas dedicated for mixed-use development.

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