Submarine Crab Is Located at 4647 Convoy St. in North San Diego and is one of the hottest new restaurants in the city. Originating in Louisiana and Texas, Submarine Crab has now reinvented themselves on the West Coast. They are reinventing how crawfish and Cajun cuisine is consumed. This new eatery offers a full menu a fresh Cajun seafood with specialty drinks and a really unique ambiance and atmosphere.

Submarine Crab already has over 150 reviews with a 4 1/2 star rating on yelp.

"There menu provides a lot of good options. Love to their prawn crackers. They have delicious Cajun Coconut snails on the menu. All drinks and beers were half awful we were there which was an added bonus. Service here is top notch."

Not only is the food amazing but the experience is out of this world. At the end of every meal they bring out badly soap which is dry ice inside of soapy water and when you pop the bubbles the fog from the dry ice comes out and it is one of the most fun ways to wash your hands.

Some of the most famous things including the underwater catches of Canadian crab, King crab legs, shrimp, live oysters, green lip muscles and crawfish. Their sauces and sides can be beat. You can get regular or Cajun fries, sausages, sweet potato fries and of course white bread and rice. Sauces include the classic Cajun, lemon pepper or their spicy torpedo level and you can get all of them in either zero spice up to super spicy.

Even if you're on the fence about Cajun food I urge you to check out this hot new restaurant in North San Diego. Parking can be a little bit tricky but the service is fantastic, the speed of the service and all of the amazing seafood just can't be beat. Check it out and let us know what you think about Submarine Crab.