We may have talked about it here before but I can't stress the importance of having your own buyers agent when buying property. This is the one thing that most people that buy or sell real estate don't understand; having your own representative when purchasing property.

I get it, it makes sense to go to the person selling the property when you want to buy the property, but in real estate, you have to think of it almost as a lawyer transaction. You need your own representation when buying property. It's like having your own lawyer defending you in a court case.

We stress of not to go through the listing agent when you want to buy a particular property because that listing agent's primary goal is to sell that property, not necessarily finding the best property for you. I mean, maybe this is the right property, but if it's not, the listing agent doesn't care because they need to sell the property. They are working for the seller first and not you. You need to have your own representation that negotiates on your behalf, get you the best price, and is more concerned about you than the seller. I think that is the biggest key right there, having someone more concerned about you through the process rather than the seller.

If I was to tell anyone one piece of real estate advice it would be the importance of having your own real estate agent. And the best part is, you don't even have to pay the buyers agent. Whatever home you choose, your agent will receive a commission from the sale of that property. They have no hidden agenda to sell you any particular home where is the listing agent's primary goal is to sell that one property to you.

I will continue to write about this and tell most people to know the importance of a real estate agent on the buyer's side. If you're looking at property even if you're going to an open house, it's important to have your own representative. You don't necessarily have to take your agent along to every open house, but as soon as you walk to the door, the agent sitting the open house will definitely ask you if you have an agent. We want that answer to be yes.

For more information on getting your own real estate agent for buying or selling in the Los Angeles area give us a call today, because that's what we do.