San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood is one of the largest Little Italy communities in the United States. It is constantly been growing over the last 20 years under the leadership of the nonprofit organization, the Little Italy Association. Just in the last decade there have been over 40 new restaurants, bars, markets or eateries open with in this neighborhood alone, half of which were opened by Italian immigrants.

This shows that Little Italy is the perfect place for first-generation business owners to start a successful business.

Little Italy covers about 48 square blocks and is the perfect model of an urban community that supports all types of local businesses. It's not just for Italians but for anyone that is looking for a stable environment where opportunities are endless. The visibility of this neighborhood alone showcases so many different small businesses that it is a great place to not only start of businesses that maintain one and enjoy life within.

Many of these small businesses are a family affair. Several businesses or even generations of business owners continue to open up new satellite offices, businesses, markets and restaurants throughout the Little Italy area. From pastry shops to coffee shops, fine dining options and some of the best Italian food you'll find in the city, Little Italy promises never to disappoint.  Read More on Little Italy from the San Diego Downtown News

This is making a lot of people moved to this area as well. The high walk score from many condominium or townhouse buildings makes it an ideal place to work, play, and live right here in the city. Condominiums and homes start at about $300,000 with higher-priced homes over $1 million. In this area is primarily condo buildings and most have homeowner condo association dues starting at about $200 per month. But, whether you're finding of 400 square-foot loft apartment or 3000 square-foot penthouse, Little Italy has a price range and a home options for just about everyone.

There's nothing more iconic than stepping out of your front door in the morning and heading down less than a half a block to the local espresso shop for a biscotti and cappuccino.

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