Back in December, UC San Diego announced that it will plan to open a $42 million, 66,000 square-foot campus in the East Village neighborhood of downtown on the corner of Park Boulevard and market Street.

This will be called the "Innovative Culture and Education Hub". It will be part of a larger development project an extension of the University of California in San Diego completed by late 2020 or early 2021. Development is currently underway.

When complete, this will be a four-story building showcasing the center for hands-on learning and community outreach. There will be offices with young entrepreneurs gaining experience and education and modern business practices as well as venues where artists can display their work. There will be 92 underground parking spaces for campus use only.

Developers and mastermind behind the project feel like this will make the student experience more immersive, especially being right downtown. It can be beneficial to understanding the history of the development of San Diego. This academic attraction could motivate students to branch out from the main campus region. To give students an opportunity to explore downtown and connects them to a greater San Diego network.

The University will fund the project with a combination of contracts, grants, fundraising and fees for services. It will be managed by UC San Diego Extension. With the purchase of the downtown building, there will be an additional $6 million in improvements. This location is ideal as it is close to the blue line and will connect the main La Jolla campus to the greater San Diego area. This will also be an essential step in bringing the city up to speed with 21st-century technology. Developers are encouraged that it will boost the economy and stimulate neighborhoods in the region.

The primary goal will be for community outreach. There will be public programs, modern technology academics and there are even plans to invite both middle school and high school students from the area where they will have an opportunity to take college readiness classes.

This is an area with diverse neighborhoods including the urban core. It should attract a wide range of students, teachers, and educators. They hope this downtown pub will encourage more students to apply for UC San Diego as the commute will not be as great and they won't have to worry about overcrowding parking situations at the main campus.

Once complete, UC San Diego will have four campuses in the region including their main campus, the campus on Villa La Jolla, University City Center and the new Downtown Hub.