Moving is a big undertaking. Packing up everything, planning to leave, scheduling movers, and putting your entire life in boxes is not an easy task. But there are some ways to make it easier and things that you definitely should not do. If you're moving to or from the Los Angeles area trying to avoid some of these moving and packing mistakes.

Don't hire a shady mover or company.

In today's technology age we have the ability to review and research just about everything and everyone. Do your homework and check out the reviews for moving companies. There are moving scams and shady moving companies so make sure you do your homework and feel confident about the movers you've chosen.

Ask for an in-home estimate.

Most moving company should be able to come to your place for an in-home estimate. If they won't do that, consider a different mover. Also, don't just rely on one quote from one mover. Contact several moving companies and get quotes so you find one that you trust and if you do find one that you like but they are a little bit higher-priced than your other quotes, try to negotiate for a lower cost.

Schedule your move well in advance.

I understand that not everybody will know exactly when they want to move but by scheduling it several weeks or even months in advance, you can verify that the moving company you want will be available and it will save on any last-minute frustration.

Not packing ahead of time.

Some people love to pack, others not so much but a recent survey found that people who had moved in the past year identified packing and unpacking is the biggest hassle in the process, so why delay the inevitable? Start packing as early as possible, especially items you know you won't need until you move such as seasonal items or off-season clothes.

Packing too much stuff.

"Do you really want to haul boxes from one place to another again? If you've moved recently and you never unpacked certain boxes unless there missed all Jake keepsakes, it's time to get rid of them. Moving is a great time to donate, purge, sell, or just throw away some things." ~ Bruce Simon Farmington Hills Realtor®

If you're planning on moving to or from the Los Angeles area feel free to give our agents a call. We have some proven tips and tricks for making your move much easier and can help you find the right home or sell the home you're in quickly.