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We are a San Diego Property Manager with extensive experience in leasing high-end condos in Downtown San Diego and other local condo communities. Some of our service areas include: UTC, Mission Valley, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, La Jolla, North Park, Mission Hills, and Hillcrest.

We started condo management in 2005 and quickly became recognized as the leading Downtown San Diego Property Manager. Our credentials were primarily developed under the brand Downtown Condo Showroom, and all of the same personnel responsible for service under that firm name are is still in place today!


We offer a free consultation to determine value of your condo and also discuss our services. For those looking for Downtown San Diego Property Management, give us a call to find out what your condo can rent for and trust that The Condo Showroom is your best solution for locating a professional tenant.

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Downtown San Diego Property Manager

Not all San Diego Condo Owners want full service property management; therefore, The Condo Showroom also offers a lease listing and tenant procurement service. This service is exactly the same as the property management service through the placement of the tenant. Once the tenant is placed, the owner is responsible for the management of the tenant.

30-60 days prior to the end of the lease, we step back in and restart the marketing process to replace the existing tenant with a new one. During that time, we analyze the market to determine if any rent increases are justified and we also handle the documentation for the current tenant move out.

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Main Telephone: 619-208-1852
Advertising and Marketing
Tenant Procurement
Lease Drafting


San Diego Condo Service for Landlords

Night Owl Service is now part of our full service San Diego Condo Management.

One of the most significant risks to a San Diego Condo Investment is the intrusion of water. We have seen unprotected and under insured condo owners lose their condos and suffer catastrophic financial damages as a result of water damage.

The Condo Showroom has implemented an additional safeguard to minimize water intrusion and reduce the risk of significant damage to the unit.

While there is never a full-proof plan to stop water intrusion, we have put an emergency vendor on call after hours so that a licensed and bonded remediation specialist can respond right away and prevent further water flow and immediately mitigate the water damage that has already occurred.

The Condo Showroom is always analyzing ways to maximize rental income and reduce risk for our San Diego Condo Owners.

As an industry leader in San Diego Property Management, it is our goal to provide the highest level of service and support available.